LSI and graphics

Here's a question for the best of you at SEO, particularly following Michael Campbell and Dr. Andy Williams -

How do you LSI graphics? Suppose a person simply posted a cartoon image - little or no text that could be searched.

Social bookmark it anyway would be the only action to take. But that doesn't answer the question.

Same goes for audio.

Workaround is to put a description out, much like modern artists do when their "viewing public" can't understand their scratchings and drips.

But, of course, it doesn't answer the question.

We are trending back to the origins of humankind, where images and verbal traditions were used to forward the stories where history, morals, laws - all these things originated. The same reason that England holds Common Law, an unwritten force, as more powerful than anything scribed.

Where, then, is the Internet headed and how will our technology assist us in this?

Luck to us all...

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