Colors and their use in book covers and web design

Here's some note of record about the psychology of color - what people associate with what, not how to persuade them to buy...

Since I trained myself in graphic arts some years ago (and wrote several courses based on the dozens/hundreds of books I had to study to figure out all that stuff) there's been this weak part of what people associate with what color. This has quite a bit to do with product design, which is mostly that 3D box or book graphic for those of us offering information products.

There's more on this page about designing book covers - which apply to product covers/boxes. And believe me, I've seen some pretty noxious stuff being presented as a product - gawdawful, if you ask me.

Tips and Tricks: Cover Design… « Lulu Ink’s Weblog:

"Color on a book-cover can convey moods, create images, attract attention, and identify objects, among other things. When you choose colors - think about the following:

* Highlighting important elements such as headlines and subheads.
* Attracting the eye.
* Creating a mood.
* Provoking thought or emotion.

Red - Energy, Passion, Power, Excitement

Orange - Happy, Confident, Creative, Adventurous

Yellow - Wisdom, Playful, Satisfying, Optimistic

Green - Health, Contentment, Harmony

Blue - Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness

Violet - Mystic, Beauty, Inspiration

Brown - Easiness, Passivity

Black - Finality, Transitional Color"

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