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Thanks to Stumbleupon and SEOSmarty, I found this little gem:

Cultural Brands And The Four E’s Of Online Marketing | Altogether: Full Service Online & Digital Marketing Agency:

"Online, successful brands should strive to create “Entertaining, Engaging, Effective Experiences”. These are our 4 E’s of online marketing.

Brands need to provoke conversations, not attempt to dominate them."

Reminds me of Shedlock's Art of the StoryTeller, which I always threaten myself to republish - someday. Like Book of 5 Rings or Art of War, it is too easily re-purposed to marketing.

Consider this synonymic modern hype, also called Art of the Storyteller. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell a story itself and so is ironically poor salesmanship.

However, when you go to the ClueTrain Manifesto, you'll see a real story, told in several parts by its various authors. Their styles both repell and attract you at the same time - but the theme is central throughout: All Marketing is a Conversation.

Next, then, is a description of our current culture and its social bookmarking and social networks as "most successful sales pitches are built on telling a story; people seek entertainment not soley as a distraction, but as a way to absorb other stories that they can use to evaluate and improve their own lives with."

I didn't state it clearly in that blog: We are evolving back to our social heritage - we learn through stories, through our oral (aural) and visual presentations.

This explains the Robert Collier success (besides the fact that he was a master metaphysician and philsopher). Collier told stories - that would fit on both sides of a letter-sized piece of paper. Along with that story would be a tie, a raincoat, something of too much value to give away, explaining that if you didn't like it, to just send it back - otherwise just pay in several small installments...

People are looking for experiences in their lives - uplifting and positive, or at least that give them some meaning to their lives and what they are living through. People evaluate their own experiences through the lenses of others' lives around them.

Gives you a clue why soap operas are so popular - and serial commercials (like Sonic's) which show the same characters in the same situation going through different (comic) scenarios.

- - - -

All these still tell me the same: get back to my artwork and start telling the stories brimming the dams and dikes within. All that fascinating stuff which is just being held back.

I've spent too much time in the mechanical, my spirit cries for relief, to cut loose the bonds of earth and soar in misty heights above.

See soon - in a blog near you - cartoons and comics and videos which tell these many stories...

- - - -


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