Worry not over silly bouncer traffic to your website - go for buyers.

Here's data backing up my premise that you don't market via social media, only promote. Your traffic, as Seth says below, is all silly bouncers. Bounce in, bounce out.

What you are looking for is buyers. These people are pre-sold, ready to snap up what they are looking for.

Silly bouncers are there for the experience, the entertainment value. Turning them into buyers first means making them participants - getting them to join in the conversation. Then, as they continue to do this and get respect for your offerings, they'll start getting interested. But it's a long route.

Best is to invest in sites (like eBay) which can be mined for pre-sold buyers looking for what you want.

There are then possibly only two types of people surfing the Internet:
1. Those spending their life looking for vicarious entertainment, diversion, or an education - and
2. Those looking to spend money to improve their lives directly.

The later drive ecommerce. The former drive advertising.

Seth's Blog: Silly Traffic: "If you could just convert 10% of the bouncers, you’d be increasing your conversion rate by almost a third! (7.5% is about a third of the 25% who don’t bounce). There’s a million things you can do to focus on this, and almost none of them will show you much improvement.

One other thing you can do is get hooked on the traffic, focus on building your top line number. Keep working on sensational controversies or clever images, robust controversies or other link bait that keeps the silly traffic coming back

I think it’s more productive to worry about two other things instead.
1. Engage your existing users far more deeply. Increase their participation, their devotion, their interconnection and their value.
2. Turn those existing users into ambassadors, charged with the idea of bring you traffic that is focused, traffic with intent."

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