Here's the Online Millionaire System

Online Millionaire System

Basic point is that the OMP-basics book seems to cover everything a person needs to get started. Only other point is that I would include what I've found recently about blogs and the relationship of social media. To blog, you have to have an area of interest. The intent is what is important. (And that is covered in An Online Sunshine Plan.)

Now the below is fairly technical, being mostly a set of notes to myself - but I know you'd be interested, so I'm releasing it broadly.  It's intensely short-handed. I've already covered it in the books and opt-in lessons linked above. (Or go to http://worstelldesign.com/lessons)

Looks like the simple scene would be:

0. Figure out what you like to talk about all the time.
00. Learn the basics of copy-writing and what helps people decide to buy.
1. Keyword research to find a niche within that to start from.
2. Get domain name.
3. Get hosting with cpanel
4. Set up a CMS for the main pages that can be installed via fantastico.
5. Set up a blog in a subdirectory or subdomain.
6. Install analytics and any needed plugins (just the needed
7. Get basic pages up (About, Contact, legal pages, main categories) plus 5 or 10 posts up based on the keywords you found in your research.
8. Find affiliate products (or own self-produced products) which you can link to.
9. Go back through those pages and posts and revise these to link into your affiliate offerings.
10. Set up Onlywire, ping.fm accounts - then go back and get all these announced to the world.
11. Set up Pixelpipe accounts for later promotion (optional)
12. Get article re-writer and learn to do variations of your existing content.
13. Set up an auto-responder account (paid)
14. Set up opt-in forms for various newsletters (work) or giveaways (less work)
15. Set up article directory accounts with the major directories and submit varied content to each as you go. (3 or 4 articles which deep-link back to your original post and any opt-in landing/sales page.
16. Set up Google Alerts to bring you data for content.
17.  Continue researching keywords in your niche to find out data about your topic area - and as well where to leave comments with back-links.
18. Convert your content to PDF's (ebooks) and post these to scribd.com, slideshare.net, and doc-stoc.com - ensure you leave links in your description back to the key pages you want people to visit (preferably deep-linked.)
19. Create a powerpoint presentation and record the audio to match (a webinar). Post audio to archive.org and powerpoint to slideshare.net - then combine these to make a slidecast there. Again, deep-link back to your key pages in the description.
20. Use the slides (coverted to images) and audio to create a video (Camtasia or XP Movie-Maker) and use Pixelpipe to post these.
21. For all new post, consider multi-publishing them as varied articles, pdf's, powerpoints, slidecasts, and video. Comment market every post to get backlinks. (All of these get backlinks.)
22. Get a Synnd subscription (paid). Synnd every new post you make, including posting to article directories through them.
23. Compile a newsletter of your posts and send to your list, along with additional affiliate products you've checked out.
(Idea here: do reviews of products and post to your blog.)
24, Set up a schedule to include these targets weekly:
   a. Review analytics.
   b. Continuing content research, including keyword reviews on subjects you find - to only talk about niches as part of a broader subject.
   c. Main pages to your CMS for your products and landing pages as well. Blog posts to cover details in an entertaining, educational, or enlightening fashion. Synnd each page.
   d. Comment market those pages and posts.
   e. Multi-publish your content to article directories, doc storage sites, video sites, podcast hosts.  Onlywire all of these.
   f. Use that content to create new giveaways or newsletters.
   g. Weekly or bi-weekly send out a message to your list with offers they can actually use to improve their lives.

For me, this pushes people back to finding their own motivations in life and what they want to do with it. And I simply align everything to just that - telling people they can improve their lives with what I've found.

Now, you extend your main CMS downward into additional related sub-niches. Currnent work on this is to create a new category with additional pages and sub-pages on your CMS - or simply sub-pages if your niche is broad enough. (You can simply blog about the data you find and cross-link the pages and posts within each other.) Or go ahead and make a subdirectory with it's own set of mini-pages which are cross-linked. (Use a little mini-CMS like Zimplit or just hard-code these in an editor such as Kompozer. If you are more savvy, get into using a php-based CMS like onefilecms or pulse.)

How big you get is all how interested you are in your niche - and how much you like to talk about it.

- - - -

The point to this is that it’s all mechanics. And that doesn’t get you rich.

The trick is to completely re-program yourself into becoming a millionaire.

And that is the rest of the score.

Just put it together myself. Thought it a good idea to let you know.

- - - -

As of this point, I'm going onto my own passion, which is cartooning. And you'll see me use all of the above in promoting these - including re-programming myself. 

Backtrack me through my other blogs and sites and you'll see why.

Good Hunting!

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