Get Backlinks to Raise Web site Traffic

Just because you built that glorious, cutting-edge, user-friendly website - it doesn't mean anyone is ever going to find it. Even if you announce it to search engines, it doesn't mean they are even going to index your site - I've seen this happen more than once. And guess what? Those site owners can never make money online.

The secret to traffic appears to be backlinks. Other people can tell you it's tweets from Twitter, or mentions on Facebook - but what are you really looking at? Those tweets and Facebook posts have what?


If someone simply said "go out on the web and look for someone named Joe Schmoe who has a website" - well, you just guessed it. Chances are next to none.

Even if you only had a single page which had an offer to buy your product - you'd get tons of traffic if you had backlinks out there so people could actually find your site.

A lot of people will create a wonderful web site or webpage and expect that visitors will come across it. They invest the bulk of their time in building a set of gorgeous web pages and even setting up probably the most amazing sales funnel for their clients, then they will merely sit and wait for the flood of traffic to arrive... And it never does.

What are Backlinks?

Okay, so what are back links? Backlinks are links pointing to your web site and to your internal pages. These are recognized as inbound links or backlinks. These links can originate either from other people's web site, web directories, article submission sites, feeder web-sites such as Squidoo or Hubpages, forums, blogs and even from internal linking in your very own web site.

Without having to learn all about search engine optimization (SEO), consider that getting your site found easily in the search engines is like a three-legged stool. Having incoming keywords helps that stool stand up. And that is what we are talking about today. (The other two, themeed/optimized pages and popularity, are subjects for later articles.)

Google and other search engines rely on backlinks to tell them the quality of your site and its relative meaning, along with other factors. The more high-quality (relevant) in-coming links, the more they say your site can be trusted and will elevate your rankings. The higher your rankings, the more likely people will click on your site when it comes up in searches.

What your site needs it good quality backlinks in order to 1) get into the search engine rankings at all, and 2) climb your way to the first page (where the majority of clicks occur).

Good quality Backlinks

Good quality backlinks contain the exact search phrase you designed your site to support. Suppose you had a site which sold a new brand of dog collar. So you want incoming links to have the phrase "dog collar" in them. Google would look at all these pages and say to themselves, "Oh, it's obvious other people think his site is about dog collars," and then give you better rankings for people looking that search term up in their browsers.

And so you look up all the key search phrases (also known as keywords) which your product has to offer, and then get backlinks into your page which offers that product. Or, at least that's the simple view of it.

Now we could go into an intense amount of description how to pick out keywords, the competition problems and so on. Again, that's another article. Let's just say that you did your homework before you built that page and know the key phrases people use when they look for products like yours. (And don't worry. If you haven't done this, it can be done starting now and then just tweak your page a bit - not a total re-design.)

Your objective really should be to rank on page one of Google's results for every main keyword. The strategy is to keep developing incoming links until you are on page 1 for the top 15 key phrases on your list. Only then would you consider adding additional search phrases to target.

Site Traffic From High Page Rank Web-sites

Initially, inside your link building campaigns commence by acquiring backlinks from high page rank web-sites. High page ranked internet sites get a lot of traffic and they get spidered by the search engines far more regularly. Your traffic will consist of people following those in-coming links directly and also from search engines.

To get backlinks, good quality backlinks, links along with your search phrases in them, you are going to will need a marketing campaign. Round up your keywords and phrases, discover the high page rank web-sites you want to get backlinks from and go to work.

The common approach for backlinks is not to just contact the author of that big-ranking site and ask for a link if you link to them. Search engines can quickly figure this out and discount these. Three common ways to do this are to:1)  add comments on their site with your URL, and perhaps a keyword-linked phrase in the body of your text, 2) Writing articles for article directories which have links in their biography section, 3) Creating feeder pages on sites like Squidoo or Hubpages, which link with your keywords right back to your site.

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