It's official - Coffee Shop Millionaire is now a Scam

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Anthony Trister's Coffeeshop Millionaire has emptied their last cup.

Only dust and cobwebs hanging out there now. And a cheesy info-mercial about how to buy and flip websites. (Like a blinking neon light above the entrance to a nearly- shuttered old motel in the warehouse district outskirts.)

Seriously. Now it really isn't worth the money to get a membership. Because almost all of the videos which used to be there don't work any more. The very slight reason I said it was worth the small investment is gone, leaving only the dregs in the cup-bottom.

And I'm sorry to say that my predictions were right.

Just checked in after a year of my wandering around and making honest money online. And found the place is now a shell of it's former self.

There's no "VIP" section anymore. Only tells you "not authorized" when you sign up.

Meaning that Anthony Trister and all of his cronies have all packed it up and taken their fast thousands - and left. Only leaving some hot-links which may or may not work. I'm surprised the sight is even up - but as I linked above, it's only the support which is still working, approving refunds.

What have I found that did work?

Mike Dillard and his Magnetic Sponsoring. 

While this is aligned toward network marketing, it will actually give you some good basics on starting a business with a "funded proposal".

And Dillard's company has been around since 2005 or so (it's not a fly-by-night like Trister and his t-shirt ensemble.) That is the real measure of whether a company is a scam or not. Consider the top ten MLM companies out there - the acid test is if they've been around 10 years or more. These companies open and close like loose shutters in the wind.

(As did Anthony Trister. He's again disappeared into the backwaters he came from. Try looking him up on the web and you'll only find a very skimpy Facebook page. Lives in San Diego. Takes exotic vacations. Nice flash in the pan. The question is - what's he done for anyone lately...)

Your going to have to check out Mike Dillard for yourself. Seems to be the real deal. Plenty of people vouch for him. And you can start for free with his 7-video bootcamp...

PS. What Mike is working on recently is really amazing. Check out his recent webinar by clicking here.

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