And so a new book is started - and you can help write it...

Let me set the ground rules:

1. I'm writing a(nother) book - this one on what I've had to learn about marketing in order to market my books published via Lulu.com

2. I am going to post data as I can, I've got a great deal of raw data available - plus some distilled data I've already gone over.

3. Your job is to comment on what you think makes sense and what doesn't - to ask questions if you don't get what I'm saying.

4. I'm writing articles at the same time as posting this blog - many of these will be similar.

5. The sidebar items will be links to all the items I'm researching here - books where people have actually made millions, links to opt-in to autoresponder ecourses and special reports.

6. At the same time, I'm applying these to my self-help books, so there might be occasional lags.

So, let's get started...

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