Section 0 released! (Means the book is off the ground - not really airborne, but...

Ooof - just forgot to let you all know. I got this first section posted last week and it took awhile to get it all posted and configured and stuff.

But it's up there now - in all its glories - Section 0.

This one covers the basics, just the basics, on everything business. Had to start here, even thought it's probably the least geek and the most boring. But without a good foundation, the best house will sink into the dust in time...

Oh, yes - there's some philosophy in there. (Oh, great. You may say...) But it's philosophy from rich guys who laid it down in dusty old bestselling books so that others could follow in their rich footsteps.

I've also collected quite a ton of all sorts of useful ebooks and PDF's and such. And I'll be able to release all these to you as I can.

To begin with, I've put out some of them to start with - although these are going behind an opt-in script just as fast as I can. You see, bandwidth isn't free - and these books need to pay their way.

Now, I've put this first one up on Lulu, with the others to follow.

And I'll have an ecourse up there after awhile, but for now, just settle for the Online Millionaire Plan Newsletter.

See you in your dreams...

(and coming up - hot in the pipeline - Section 1-1: List Building. Stay tuned.)


Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Hi. Is the link to section O or is it 0 bad? I'm getting a file not found error.

robertworstell said...

Oops - and after you left such a nice comment on your blog. Problem was using a hyphen instead of an underscore. (Jeez!)