Why I'm doing this. Not just to get your money into my account...

Just thought to let you know what this is all about.

Why I'm rushing to get this all done and out is so we can get this done quickly.

I've got these hundreds of ebooks, MP3's and books and whatnot which keep telling me the same data, over and over. I can isolate these key data and add in whatever I've run into in each area (I test everything...)

But that won't get all the data we need. And that's why I opened it up to 150 people. I figure that between all these peoples' experience, we can verify the data I've distilled from all these sources and also add in various other incidents or data they've run into along these lines.

And I don't care if I run this book into several hundred pages (the first section on basics, which still needs some vital data added, is already 170 pages...and other sections will probably be shorter, but may not be). The point is to get the data into a single area so people can have ready access to it.

Now, I know this data is already out there - but it's mostly locked behind these $497 and up courses. I want to get out this data in a) this blog, b) a book/blook, c) then take it on up into courses which break the data down and have more downloadable kits and so forth.

Yes, I'd like to make a nice living out of all this.

But, believe it or not, this is not an area or niche I particularly wanted to get into. I write self-help books and desperately want to get back into both writing and editing these books as well as publishing them. This is why I started researching into this area - so I could market my books so people could get that data.

So you're in luck. I'm from this bent of helping people and getting the data to them in a format they can understand. And I want people to succeed. When I get into this scene, I want to produce it in such a fashion that people can get the data and understand it readily.

That affects my writing style as well as how I organize the data.

You benefit here because 1) you get in on the ground floor and I need your input, 2) you can get access to the stuff I have because we need it reviewed and evaluated so we only offer the best, most useful, most accurate data out to people.

Let me know.

The easiest way is to sign up for my newsletter. (I don't yet have a form that can give me email from you and getting onto this newsletter gives me your email address. Once I get a few people into my list, I'm going to then set up either personal email addresses for each to me or a members-only blog so we can collaborate between each other.)

And then we can help the world win as we make millionaires all over the place...

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