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Turn Left by Scott ReitherThis from a recent email I got from the folks at Constant Conversations (link below):

I worked this over when I posted Creating a Web 2.0 buzz - on "2008 presidential candidate election" with its video and so on.

But then I got to thinking. Life isn't being a one-shot wonder. After the event is over and the autograph signers have left, when they're sweeping up the confetti and tickertape - you have to go on.

One-shot wonders are just that. Bands will have a single hit. They don't go anywhere - the band like Beatles and Rolling Stones continually turn out new songs, all riding their earlier "buzz".

That's what you are working at in marketing - creating a continual buzz about your product. You are making continual conversation with your various publics and asking them what they think. Read ClueTrain Manifesto. Marketing is a conversation. Not just shouting,"BUY BEANOS -- THEY'RE REALLY GOOD FOR YOU... REALLY."

Is Google Listening to Your Conversations?

If You Don't Start It, There Will Be No Conversation

Can you imagine going to a cocktail party, business conference or networking event where you stand in the corner and not make eye contact even once and still walk out of the room with new clients?

Of course you can't.  You know that being proactive, enthusiastic  and willing to share some useful information with others is the only way to work a room successfully.

The same is true on the internet.

You've got to get your name out there -- i.e. be visible in lots of
places on a regular basis -- and be the one to initiate a discussion worth participating in.

As you know from the "Starting The Conversation" section of our
book, the best way to get people into a back and forth dialogue is to ask a profound question.  By that we mean one that is profound to the people you're trying to attract to your business.

Make it specific and a bit controversial and folks will be flocking 
to comment. If they disagree with you or each other so much the better as it provides another opportunity to continue talking while you also establish yourself as the expert in your field.

And here's my video take on all this:

What's your take? Leave a comment...

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