The update you've been waiting for...

Been busy with cleaning other traffic off my plate. One more autoresponder series to set up and I'll be ready to start on this one.

Here's how it's going to roll:

  • I blog everything as I go. All the text from the book (hopefully in sequence).
  • All this data goes into a newsletter, so people can keep up with what is happening. (Depending on the capabilities of my A/R service, I may need to build an ecourse at the same time - or slightly later.)
  • All the blog entries get converted to articles, which link to the newsletter/ecourse.
  • These articles will convert to special reports, and then to pre-release chapters and ultimately the blook.
  • As I go, I make various others' works available to you, so you can see what others are saying about this area and where I got the data.

That's the basics of it.

For now, I've still been putting my data on Midwest Journal, but all this data will migrate here as I consolidate it.

Stay tuned - I figure about a week or two and I'll be rolling this data in...

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