All of section one now released - in three parts (saves your brain)

Just a short note as I've been busy editing and polishing the next release (which has sections 2,3,&4 - don't worry, when they all come out it will make more sense - some areas have more stuff in them than others).

So here is Online Millionaire Plan - Section 1-1: List Building,
and An Online Millionaire Plan: Section 1-2, Copywriting,
and An Online Millionaire Plan: Section 1-3, Article Marketing.

The funny thing is - I'm violating my own advice in getting all these books out to your first. I should be blogging and article marketing these as I go. And if it weren't for leaving me a note about a broken link, I'd not heard about her review. Seems I don't even check my blog enough - too busy, way too busy.

While I've covered this in Midwest Journal a bit, I'm sometimes more in to testing my own advice than following it.

But look at the bright side - you're soon to have the whole book to review. Yes, you can only get it right now as a cheap download. But I hope to post the whole thing here soon - and at my newsletter.

Again, lucky you.

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