Which came first, the blog, or the blook, or the book?

Now some might have an idea that you blog first, then make a book out of it.

Others might write the book first (like Go Thunk Yourself!) and then blog it for more comments.

Are both blooks?

How about this - I've been blogging my research in this Online Millionaire Plan via A Midwest Journal. But everything I put into the book isn't there, since much of it is in text files, PLR books, online articles (my own and others), and a lot of research with scraped pages which I use paraphrased snippets or quote outright.

Should I blog everything before I blook (or book) anything?

Take our noted Section 0. There you will find stuff from Hill, Wattles, Haanel, Nightingale, and modern writers like Robert G. Allen and the late Corey Rudl. Should I blog all that before I can quote any of it for a blook?

Now is Go Thunk Yourself a blook? By purist definitions, not really. Meaning most of this was written before I got around to blogging it - and all of the blog posts were from a version which I had already published to Lulu. Why did I blog it, then? To get more feedback so I can edit it as necessary and revise it as needful. Lulu makes such revisions fast and painless. I've done several major ones already and have another in the works (but finishing off an Online Millionaire Plan comes first...).

Which then brings up our current "problem". I'm taking all those posts from A Midwest Journal, plus all my off line research and pounding away at a series of mini books (each a section of the larger final version) to publish and get out of my way so I can get back to testing all this stuff.

Seems I found out that if you just use pieces of this, it doesn't get the same result as a combined (and I saw a blog post today which calls it "holistic") marketing approach. And I want to get back to researching self-help while I test out all this marketing stuff.

So I'm piling on in the writing department to wrap up the basic data - publishing it to Lulu so that anyone can get a low-cost version they can work with. That's how I would get the feedback I need to wrap up the book.

I'm even neglecting the landing/conversion page while I get all this writing done. Only Lulu gets updated (and now this blog) because someone cared enough to tell me one of the links didn't work.

Does this mean there is a set standard for blooking, that this form of publishing has quit evolving? No, and no.

This is how I'm doing it and why. This particular subject requires a bit of testing and it's own evolutionary breathing space. It does tend to take on a life of its own. And it wants to be born into the same light of day the rest of us share.

No, it will have to grow on its own as I bring it into being.

And you can count on a massive amount of blog posts as I reproduce what I've written into this format - as well as Squidoo lenses and articles and ebooks, special reports, etc. It will also morph into ecourses, full online courses, affiliate products and more that I haven't even imagined yet - such as podcasts...

Whether this is a blog, blook, or book - that's over to you.

But I hope you tell me what you think and don't hold back. Because it's your blog/blook/book, too.

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