Changes due - as I'm fed up with current sales tactics and standards

I've been studying about marketing for some years now, ever since I first published my Go Thunk Yourself through Lulu.com and found that I was really, really going to have to do it all myself - not depend on any network or a company publicist to do it for me.

And the conclusion is that all this stuff that goes around as sales pages and copywriting and so on is really awful.

I mean REALLLY awful.

I cover this in my recent blook - one on the Basics of Internet Marketing, and another on Your USP.

(And I'm working to get the rest of these out to you as I can.)

So I'm going to do something about this problem.

In the old days, in my old corporate cult, I was worth over 2 million in improved income to them and I loved what I did. Were I left alone to do it, and given some aircover, I'd still be at it - because I was helping people and creating some good effects for them. I was helping them improve their lives.

I know that I can make millions, just with what I knew then, working as an internal consultant.

And now, I know far more, FAR more.

But it is you that I have my attention on. Money only comes to those who are creating success - and in proportion to the valuable service they are providing to others.

Another datum is that the marketplace sets the value of exchange.

So I am going to try a very unique experiment here:

To a limited number of people, I'm going to set up a protected area on one of my servers so that I can freely help them succeed.

On that site, I'm going to set up reviews of all the data I've amassed on Internet Marketing - all the ebooks, all the software, all the PLR packages, everything. If I have the resell rights, you'll be able to get it through direct links.

Only you will set the price - these items will actually be at Your Cost, not what the sales page says - unless you think that is a fair price.

These reviews will have my own rating of them. Purely subjective to me - which is based on how well they work, is the author full of it, does it have more hype than content, etc. I'll work out about 10 factors and then rate it based on those factors.

Since you set the price, you get the download first and then hit the "donate" button I'll set up, which means you can give me a direct response on what you think it's worth after you try it out. And the average price will be posted as well - per each item.

Out of this experiment, we'll see what we find out about the available Internet Marketing tools out there.

Additional to this is that I'll send these reviews out to the mailing list - which is as exclusive to that site, those few who join.

Once I get enough subscribers to keep me more than busy, I'll quit accepting new ones. This will start out at 150 and see if that works. This isn't an arbitrary "limited time offer" - I just am saying, let's see how many people I can effectively service and help improve their lives.

Let's see what I've outlined so far:
  • Exclusive site, password protected, subcribers only.
  • Reviews of products available for download
  • You set the price you pay
  • Exclusive mailing list for subscribers only.
Now, the final point I'm going to set out at this time is that you have to buy something to get in. I'm not taking freebie-seekers. Now the entrance price is going to be low, but you are going to have to move some electrons to get it.

Obviously, this means some more work on my part. Lots of it. It's got a to-do list that doesn't look like quitting anytime soon. But I can't see offering all this stuff I have in any other fashion. After you see what it's made up of, have torn it apart and put it back together, it doesn't have the same value that people say it did originally.

I'll be setting up a private email which will need to be sent out through a mailing list, most likely, so that it can be kept secure. It will be a "throwaway email", meaning if it ever starts getting spam, I'll simply delete it and then make another. But since the list is completely trusted, I shouldn't have that problem.

Anyway - just wanted to throw these thoughts out right now.

I'll be putting up another list on the Online Millionaire Plan site just for this use - look at the bottom right of the page.

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