Having and keeping to your plan - How to keep up with your own production

In the postgraduate section of Online Millionaire Plan, I introduce some articles on public domain resources and PLR.

The trick with these is that while they make poor articles (duplicative content), they make interesting and very fast editing into new products. You can churn out literally one or two or more 300-page books a week. All quality stuff.

But - you will have a hard time promoting those books that fast. Imagine getting several radio interviews for each book.

What you can and should do:
  • Press release - definiately
  • Blog and Squidoo a review of the book
  • Excerpt articles from the book and post to article directories
  • Make a mini-version ebook (like from those article excerpts) and make it viral - give it away to get email addresses
  • Make a mini-web (like from those article excerpts) and connect it to your mini-net
  • Enable your affiliates to sell it for you - definately (requires a sales page and .zip file)
Each of those can be done simply within days of creating the book.

What each book does is to create a publishing juggernaut - as they continue to send people to your mini-net main page to sign up for your newsletter, ecourse, or various bonuses.

So you don't have to hold back on your creative impulses, now, do you?

You're welcome.

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