9 Steps to promoting the Great Radio Guest ebook - talk shows online, watch out...

How you can be a great radio guest with little more than your Internet connection.

Just made up a new book for you - an excerpt from An Online Millionaire Plan - that you should find interesting. Basically, I've been working at getting onto the radio to promote my books. Now, I approach somethings backward. When I figured I'd be calling these guys up or emailing them, they'd want to get some data from me. So I had to work up an online press kit.

Knowing what I know about web design, I started working with my keywords first. And so found that there was a hot little niche for this stuff. Probably head-over-heels on my part. But there was this two-word keyword niche no one had been working to capture. Just couldn't resist it.

I scraped around my files to find something I could make an ebook out of - either giveaway or sell (preferably) and found the section I had already gone through all the birthing pains of editing - a whole section just on Radio, Podcasts, and Press Releases. Dropped the other stuff and just took this one and made it into a nice 60-some page ebook. Threw in some ads at the end and disclaimers/title pages at the front - voila!

The trick is what to do with it. I decided to make it a simple paid download from my Lulu Self Help Library and then to give it away to my list subscribers. This covers the best of both worlds. Get promotion out and get paid for it, too.

But - how to get the word out about this ebook?

Let's review our usual suspects:

0. Create the ebook (itself is promotion) and create a mini-web for that product. Ensure that new subscribers to An Online Millionaire Plan Newsletter can get it as a free download. (And while you're at it, send a broadcast out to existing ones to announce it...)
1. Blog about it (as you see here). Link to mini-web and ebook (on Lulu) in that post. Put a press release as part of that post (see below).
2. Social Bookmark that blog post (shortly).
3. Squidoo link that blog post - and the mini-web and Lulu product link.
4. Extract the press release and post to the free press release sites (they're listed in the ebook, BTW).
5. Write a great book review of that ebook and post it
a) to all the top article directories by hand,
b) to a ton of others by a submitter program.
6. Take the first few accepted articles and social bookmark these. Squidoo link them. (Consider making a Squidoo page just for that ebook...)
7. Take a few sections of the book, TTS the text (or record it yourself) and then make a video (Camtasia). Post this up on YouTube.
8. Public bookmark that video. Squidoo link it.
9. Take a break. Get inspired and start up a new product - with keyword research.

Hope you're with me so far. Next, the press release:

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Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Midwest Journal Press
15559 Audrain Rd 821, Mexico, Mo. 65265
For more info: Visit http://robertworstell.com

Farmer-Doctor Claims Becoming a Great Radio Guest Key to Book Sales

Dr. Robert C. Worstell, who has over 3 dozen published books, recently released an excerpt from his online marketing research that lays out the key steps any author needs to take to break into radio promotion - as a great radio guest.

"The trick to radio promotion is not to buy advertising," as Dr. Worstell says, "but rather to get on talk shows that are in your niche - and then be a great radio guest. You and the station both win. They get an interesting expert to entertain their listeners - and you get a chance for people to find out about your book. Far more effective than paid advertising."

His short (66-page) book is an excerpt from his much larger (nearly 800 pages) tome which lays out the entirety of marketing and promotion strategies which online millionaires have been using since the Internet was created. This particular section is only about Radio Interviews and its related subjects, Press Releases and Podcasts.

Worstell holds that you have to be able to write an effective press release in order to get the shows, and practicing with Podcasts are a great way to break into the business.

"Radio loves media releases, as they are tuned to 'speak their lingo'" related Dr. Worstell. "You'll find that modern press releases reach the public directly - and the electronic versions are more effective than the old mailed-paper ones. Podcasts are a form of radio-guest interview on their own - and might become more effective than radio. But you start out practicing with podcasts and putting these online so that producers can get a feel for your 'radio presence' long before you show up on their program."

The ebook is published on Lulu.com and is available for free to his Online Millionaire Newsletter subscribers.

Dr. Worstell attributes his rural background and daily farming chores for his inspiration, "Often you'll be feeding cattle or spending hours in the tractor seat and inspiration will come to you - suddenly all these ideas will just coalesce and I can't wait to get back to my home-office to cross-check it online. But you have to finish feeding or your field-work first, so farming does
tend to build your persistence and patience in research."

Dr. Worstell's "An Online Millionaire Plan" online marketing book series is published by Print-On-Demand Publisher Lulu.com. Dr. Worstell has written and published over three-dozen self help and personal development books, as well as numerous articles, and whitepapers. He has studied the human condition for over 35 years, working in counseling and consulting as well as freelance research. His marketing research is an outgrowth of empowering rural communities to access online income through print-on-demand publishing.
For more information:

Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Email: robertworstell@[removethis]robertworstell.com
Websites: http://gothunkyourself.com,
http://onlinemillionaireplan/radioguest ,
Blogs: http://worstellr.blogspot.com, http://gothunkyourselfsmore.blogspot.com

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Radio Promotion Guide - An Online Millionaire Plan

Download: Just $17.00

Just made you this short book so you can learn to become a great radio quest and promote your book, business, etc.

Why you should do Radio Guest Interviews

While there are over 6,000 talk or interview shows in the U.S., there are fewer than 1,000 TV shows that interview. These radio shows need interesting guests to keep their listening public. Quite often, you'll hear guest authors who don't have recognizable names. Authors are interesting - the public generally considers them experts. As well radio interviews can be done from home, with nothing more than a telephone or a Skype connection.

And that is why we include radio interviews in An Online Millionaire Plan. You improve your credibility by doing radio interviews. And you can introduce viewers to your website or directly to Amazon or brick-and-mortar stores to buy your books.

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