Review of the Great Radio Guest ebook - Radio Promotion Guide

Review of How to Become a Great Radio Guest - and save Money on Marketing: Radio Promotion Guide - An Online Millionaire Plan

Dr. Robert C. Worstell has just released an excerpt on radio promotion from his magnum opus, "An Online Millionaire Plan". It is a quick read and not even a tenth of what he compiled in his previous tome. Obviously, this except is a way to market his much larger (and more expensive) hard bound book with this inexpensive download.

At 66 pages, the book is an easy read. It is laid out so that it is usable either printed or on-screen. I found that a two-up (two pages on screen) was the best format for me. As well, when you print it off two pages at a time, it is still very easy to follow. Most will probably want to keep it on their computer for ready access, though.

While Worstell's promotion about this book says that he tells you that being a radio guest is cheaper and more effective than advertising, I find this point was skimped - I would have liked to have more facts and figures. He does lay out how many talk radio shows there are and how many guests they need - so there is certainly a demand for authors to go on their shows. This is buried at page 36 - so you are going to have to do some digging.

Worstell lays out in this excerpt that there are really three areas to master in order to become a great radio guest. And they are laid out in the sequence you are going to need them. However, it is obviously an excerpt, since it is organized according to the book - I'd prefer a better system that is more straightforward.

You have to know Press Releases and its cousin, Media Releases. There are the basics of Radio Interviews and then he goes into surprising detail on Podcasting. It was interesting to find that Worstell recommends that you find your "radio voice" in podcasting before you start asking for radio interviews. His reasoning is that you work out the nervousness and hitches in your delivery before you go "live" on-air.

The Press Releases section was also very detailed. There is a lot of interesting detail and information about how Press Releases have evolved into an Internet promotion tool - that many more people are being reached directly by these today than actual reporters and producers. He does, however, go into the detail of writing the "old fashioned" release as well.

As part of this section, he lays out why and what you should have in an Online Press Release Kit - certainly backing up his observation that online marketing is the more effective, efficient, and cheaper way to promote your book or other product. This is probably the most complete section of the book, but you can see his links back to other book sections - and makes you hunger for more, which is the purpose of any such excerpt.

His "Additional Resources" section was interesting, as he's published a wide variety of books, mostly in the self help genre. The books included deal with money and success, as well as the Law of Attraction. Worstell's linked websites (available in the PDF) point out that he's published over three dozen books through his writing and editing, nearly 20 free MP3 downloads, plus also maintain several blogs and websites. He's even done videos and podcasts himself, so this data looks to be personally tested.

Dr. Worstell has made this a paid download on his Lulu bookstore, but says that subscribers to his "Online Millionaire Plan" newsletter will be able to get it as a complimentary bonus (free). The preview for this book excerpt contains the entire text of this book, which makes it an easy review (though having my own copy certainly made this review easier).

My recommendations: Buy this book (2 thumbs up). It looks to be a reasonable price for the download, although signing up for a newsletter with all the above information as a free bonus is also enticing. The book is well written and easy to understand. Anyone with an Internet connection and a phone line should be able to become a great radio guest in short order.

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Just released this short book so you can become a radio quest and promote your book, business, etc.

Why you should do Radio Guest Interviews

While there are over 6,000 talk or interview shows in the U.S., there are fewer than 1,000 TV shows that interview. These radio shows need interesting guests to keep their listening public. Quite often, you'll hear guest authors who don't have recognizable names. Authors are interesting - the public generally considers them experts. As well radio interviews can be done from home, with nothing more than a telephone or a Skype connection.

And that is why we include radio interviews in our Online Millionaire Plan. You improve your credibility by doing radio interviews. And you can introduce viewers to your website or directly to Amazon or brick-and-mortar stores to buy your books.

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