Tools to have a reason for a press release to have a way to promote your website

Got this mailing recently. Thought you might be interested.

The gist of it is that you put a tool on your website and then write a press release so that magazines will write about your "free" tool.

Of course, this is not to replace anything in your landing page. This is just an additional page which will then give its pagerank to your landing page. A tool is a "one-up" idea, something which is done once - like an article - and then gets a lot (hopefully) of traffic and sends people to other parts of your site or simply to your sales or affiliate sales links.

Caveat: pick your tool carefully - get something that doesn't "suck". Great tools would be something that is entirely javascript and works without a database or some sort of dynamic interface. Calculators are great at this. Just set it up so your script can't be easily copied - or sell the package someone can download to use on their own site - with your logo on that tool, as part of the agreement.

If you find other great tools, they can then be put on additional pages.

Press releases are one thing - you can always use another excuse (or inspiration) for creating additional pages for your sites. Make sure finding this tool and getting it working doesn't replace your existing plans to build your pages. That would be going the wrong direction. So the probable strategy is to spend some time each day (after you have created and uploaded a mini-web for that day) looking for calculators or whatnot that you can set up as a tool. Then (still in your "spare" time) set up that page (or pages) and get it running locally - then upload it, test it, write the press release.

www.freepressreleases.co.uk : "Getting Publicity for Your Website"

One of the best ways to get free publicity for your website is to send press releases to your industry
magazines. Usually they are always on the lookout for good tips and resources to tell their readers
so with a little thought and preparation you can take advantage of this.

You should be thinking about your website as a resource for your target market and have tools on
there that these people need. An easy example to understand is the mortgage broker having a
mortgage calculator on their site. Although this is now an overdone tool it will still be something
that people hunting for mortgages will bookmark.

You should create a free tool that is very specific at helping your target customer and then this will
also appeal to the magazine journalist. Here are some more examples of free tools

* Reflexology site: free reflexology charts available via email
* Newly Qualified Accountant Recruitment site: salary checker tool specific to first time accountants
* Search Engine Marketing Consultant for the travel industry: free tool that checks a user'™s websites
* current rankings and lists them against the top competitors in the travel industry.

I hope you can see what I am getting at. My making your tool specific to only your target customer
you make it very useful and more newsworthy.

Once you have your tool sorted out you can then write a press release about the tool. I would then
select and target one magazine and send them the press release. Mention that you are giving them
an exclusive before a certain date and follow this up with a phone call.

If you do not get into that magazine broaden your press release distribution and target more industry
magazines. After this then use online distribution.

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