Creating the Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine Optimization - Review

A Review of Marketing Steps for the New Release: "Creating the Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine Optimization"

This is using some examples from an earlier video/web2.0 excursion so you can see what results are possible. After some inspiration from Michael Campbell, I had just finished a video you can see here:

But this showed only one result in the top ten - mostly because I picked a keyword which had too much competition - and it wasn't competition for my exact phrase, but for grossly un-optimized pages. They simply had tons more pagerank due to various reasons. Like trying to wrestle a real gorilla when you're completely dressed in a clown suit.

So I went back to my earlier work - Online World Peace Lecture. This had lots of output with it. The product it was pushing was me - giving me the credence of having a lecture under my belt and so be more interesting to anyone wanting me as a radio guest. Book authors do radio interviews to sell books - that simple. So I needed the practice and needed to put something on the web to show it.

Hence: website, MP3 lecture (original), slideshow, video, press releases, blog, and lots of social bookmarks on everything.

Now, over a couple of weeks later, I'm checking the results. I had results within minutes - but what I've taken over in terms of search engine real estate is amazing.

Check out the slideshow - if you put it full screen, you'll be able to read the pictures better.

But the real reason for this particular blog post is to announce a new book I just published on Lulu.

Now I had put excerpted a couple of sections (Viral Marketing, and Blogs) from "An Online Millionaire Plan" but these really didn't fill the whole bill. I had more data in different places in that book. So I repurposed that book - or did a different "mash-up" of it.

The result: "Creating the Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine Optimization". Ta-daaa.

Creating The Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine Optimization

You can create a Web 2.0 Buzz which can get you both immediate and long-lasting results beyond "search engine optimization" as currently practiced.

How do you do that?

  • Most SEO is built around establishing keywords prominently on your pages.
  • Web 2.0 uses all the "New Media" to spread the word for you.
  • When you use your keywords in your social bookmarks, your site becomes "viral" - other people spread it for you.
  • Using audio, video, and slideshows, people tell others about your stuff.
  • And search engines love Web 2.0 more than static pages.
  • So use "New Media" to promote your static pages and get top real estate in the search engines.

This book gives you all the theory and examples of how you can create a Web 2.0 buzz and use it to bring paying subscribers to your mailing lists.

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I've already gone over the sequence to this and everything needed to create the Buzz. If you want to review it, check out my earlier post. Neither of us would get anything out of it at this point.

The press release on this has already been submitted. I'm in progress at this writing on the mini-web, while I also build the video. (And links to these will go live as I finish them.) Right now, I have the MP3 uploading to archives.org while the powerpoint is already up on slideshare.net - all that's left after that is to social bookmark everything and then watch the Google rankings to see if I did it all right.

But for you, all this data on an "Online World Peace Lecture" is available to you for study.


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