Creating the Web 2.0 buzz - Is Slideshare better than YouTube video?

Recently I uploaded what I found to be a very difficult video to reproduce.

Reason was technical - I wanted to show web pages. Because of the text size, these images are compressed during video reprocessing and aren't easy to see. While the original was 720 x 480 and plays nicely on my computer, I always get nervous when someone has to reprocess it to meet their specs.

Sure enought the video is fuzzy and you can't always read words on the pages, even when blown up to full-screen.

Here's the video as YouTube Presented it:

But earlier I had been playing with SlideShare as this has some interesting Buzz factor of showing up on Google quite rapidly. All they want it a MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, or a PDF. They process the thing and post it for you.

And they also have another feature - SlideCast. This needs an MP3 audio posted somewhere online. Give them the URL and then you can match up the existing slides to our soundtrack.

But what is really nice (and I don't know how they do this) is that you can go full screen with their project and read every single word on that screenshot you used to create the slideshow and video with.

Check it out here:

If you cross-compare the two, you'll see a marked difference in quality.

(And you'll also see differences in what was produced - I added more slides when I was creating the video. You see, I was already up into the wee hours and still had to be up and feeding livestock just a few hours later - and I didn't want to go back and re-edit that Slideshare peace to make them sync. My hoarse soundtrack is the same, though...)

The question becomes: Is You Tube outmoded? My argument is that for full-motion video - not yet. Bandwidth improving may change this, however.

But, since most of the videos I've watched are composed of photos or still images with a soundtrack, I'd say that SlideShare will be pulling a great deal of traffic away from YouTube.

Your comments?

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