SEO, Women, and online marketing

What your shoppers (women reportedly do more shopping online than men) are looking for changes according to gender.

Note here, that when you look up your keywords on Google Trends, "News" sees your same keywords differently.

And also note that less and less people are getting their news from traditional, mainstream sources.

But you'd be wise to check out this report just to keep on top of possible changes to your online marketing. Slanting your messages (and keywords) to appeal to women could bring more sales to your ecommerce website. Just a thought...

Pew Research Center: Where Men and Women Differ in Following the News:
"A look at the public's news interests over the past year shows continuing differences between women and men in the types of news stories that they follow very closely. Women consistently express more interest than men in stories about weather, health and safety, natural disasters and tabloid news. Men are more interested than women in stories about international affairs, Washington news and sports."

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